Flooring Options when Renovating Homes

When one has to get a house renovated, there are a lot of things that need to be considered and one of them is flooring. Floors are elements of the house that need to have a good finish in order to add extra value and beauty to the house. Floors in a house can be made from a wide variety of materials like marbles, wood, concrete etc. When renovating a house, one can always choose a combination of these materials in various parts of the house to make the house look more spacious and elegant.

The following are the various flooring options that one can take into consideration when changing the flooring of a house:

  • Wood and concrete slabs with stone: This flooring option makes use of a variety of materials like wood, stones and concrete and is the most viable option in the exterior of the house. This type of flooring is best suitable for terraces and gardens where the wooden floor can be slightly raised and the concrete and stone flooring can cover the remaining area. The shades of wood and stone provide a very beautiful and warm look to the garden or the terrace and make these areas look more welcoming.
  • Printed vinyl floor: Vinyl is a very good option for flooring in different areas of the house. It is a cost-effective means of giving a new look to the house. Vinyl floors are durable and long-lasting. The printed vinyl floors have a property that these are self-adhesive making this flooring option less expensive and more usable.
  • Cement tiles: Cement tiles are very easy to install and also durable. These tiles can be used in any area of the house. These tiles when finished reflect light off the smooth surface thereby giving the area greater amplitude. These tiles can also be installed with different geometric patterns in between to give the house a beautiful look.
  • Clay floors: To add a bit of color to the house, one can choose clay floors. Floor with red clay tiles gives a beautiful look to the house. In addition to being economical, these add significant elegance to the room where they are used.
  • Burnt cement floor: Burnt cement floor can be installed in any area of the house in an easy manner. The floor has a smooth finish that reflects light off its surface thereby giving the room a spacious appearance. The floor is light in color and easy to maintain adding durability and cost-effectiveness to the house.

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